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Dividend Growth Machine: How to Supercharge Your Investment Returns with Dividend Stocks

Do you want to improve your investment returns while taking less risk? In Dividend Growth Machine, investment professional Nathan Winklepleck will show you what makes dividend growth investing such a powerful investment strategy. What You Will Learn Through easy-to-understand examples and practical tips, Nathan will show you how anyone can achieve financial independence and investment success through dividend investing. In these pages, you'll discover: - Why traditional investment strategies fail. - The most dangerous investment strategy out there right now (and how to avoid it). - How to dramatically improve your investment results while taking less risk. - How to outperform most "passive index" strategies. - How to practically guarantee a positive investment return over the long-term. - Why dividends are the safest, most consistent, and common sense way to build wealth. - What dividends are and where they come from. How dividends can replace your paycheck in retirement. Who Should Read It This book is for anyone who wants to build wealth and improve their investment returns. It’s not complicated. There are no fancy formulas or Wall Street mumbo jumbo. - Beginning investors who just want to better understand how to make money investing in stocks. - Experienced investors who have been burned by other investment strategies. - Anyone who is afraid to lose money investing in the stock market. - Those nearing retirement who wants to generate passive, consistent, and growing income. - Retired people who are tired of getting 1% returns in their checking accounts and 3% (or less) from bond funds. - Anyone considering buying an annuity. Who Should NOT Read It - Those looking for “get-rich-quick” investing strategies. This strategy is about consistently and predictably growing your wealth over long time periods (20+ years). - This book is targeted to people with little-to-no experience with dividend investing or investing in general. If you have a lot of experience with dividend investing, there probably isn’t much here for you. - Annuity salespeople. If you want to sell an annuity, don’t read this book. And definitely don’t let your potential victims (errr… “clients”) read it. Testimonials "The book is well written and understandable for anyone with even minimal investing experience." -JCS "One of the best books on dividend growth investing. I wish I had known about this 10 years ago as I compared my tax-free bonds versus dividend growth investing would have doubled my portfolio if I had followed his books advice." -David "An investment strategy that makes sense. The book is short and to the point. Reading it will be time well spent." "I'm already employing the strategy in my own investments, but this book gave me a lot of confidence that I'm absolutely doing the right thing. It is short, but there's every bit as much content as a much longer book." What Are You Waiting For? If you want to improve your investment returns, spend less time worrying about your money, and strive for complete financial independence - this book is for you!